Male Israeli university students are getting addicted to video games - study

The aim of the cross-sectional study was to examine the impact of gaming and gaming disorder on the well-being of Israeli male university students and other adults.

Israeli drugmaker Teva says opioids settlement to move forward in US

As a result of the opiod crisis, more than 932,000 people have died in the US since 1999 from a drug overdose.


E-cigarettes are more dangerous than you can imagine. Here's why

Many smokers know that the vapor-liquid in electronic cigarettes has nicotine and flavoring agents, but many don't know about the toxic ingredients.


Apologies: Too much news consumption may cause physical ill-being - study

Turns out there is such a thing as too much knowledge, so take a break after reading this.

Drugs [illustrative]

NIS 85 mil. to be allocated for treating addiction in new government plan

Addiction in Israel is not currently treated under one specific service and instead is mostly outsourced to various organizations.

Alcoholism in Israel: Investigating addiction, dependency

The wildly held view that there are no Jewish alcoholics is nourished by alcoholism often being included in general addiction statistics, but it is not entirely accurate.

Teva, Texas strike opioid settlement worth $225 million

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd was facing claims that they fueled an opioid epidemic in Texas by improperly marketing addictive pain medications.

  Buffet of food

If you feel hungry all the time, read this

What exactly did you eat yesterday? How often do you need the bathroom? The answers to these questions, it turns out, can explain why you’re hungrier than other people, and when it can be dangerous.

By Walla!

Addiction, COVID-19, and how to help

Over the last year-and-a-half of the COVID-19 pandemic, experts agree that addictions of all sorts are on the rise.

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