How Israel's Rabbinical Court saves agunot in the Diaspora – opinion

The only rabbinical court in the world that has the legal power to levy sanctions or even incarcerate a man until he gives the get, is Israel’s Rabbinical Court.

In the Netherlands, judges can lock up Jewish men who refuse divorce

The Netherlands is the only country that comes close to that system.

Aguna receives get, able to divorce husband after 14-year battle

"No woman deserves to live in constant torture for 14 years waiting to be released."

‘Aguna’ – a midcourse Jewish history correction

Anecdotes are not scientific research. But these and 100 others like them define the widely held communal paradigm regarding iggun. Let us extrapolate some views:

Yad La’Isha marks record-breaking number of resolved ‘aguna’ cases

The 'agunah problem' is an ongoing Jewish legal (halachic) issue in which women wishing to get a divorce require the consent of their husbands, who may refuse.

Is the Rabbinical Court’s best good enough?

The Rabbinical Court must set itself free to set the agunot free.

The dishes made in the spirit of freedom for agunot, including Café Michael’s decadent French toast
Beautiful dishes created to support 'agunot' or 'chained women'

'Duck meat is never fully wrapped in dough, so it represents freedom'

Rabbinical courts' use of polygraphs in divorce proceedings ‘unnecessary’

A women's rights organization expressed concern regarding the use of polygraphs tests by the rabbinical courts in divorce proceedings.

Ledger of rabbinic rulings concerning 'agunot' at Bergen-Belsen after the Holocaust
Collection of Bergen-Belsen 'agunot' rabbinic rulings to be auctioned off

The rabbis of the Bergen-Belsen rabbinical court were the first to collect testimonies from Holocaust survivors right after World War II.

America’s pain and the aguna’s chain

Each aguna story represents a woman (or man) trapped in a lonely world of frustration and bitterness, bordering on cruelty.

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