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Jerusalem judges travel to hospital to arrange divorce for blind couple

The complexity of the situation was due to the hatband having had a severe stroke six years earlier.

The arbitrary, dangerous practices of Israel's rabbinical courts - opinion

Women need a safe and clear exit strategy from a broken marriage; whether abusive or not.


Shira Isakov and the need for ‘aguna’ reform - opinion

The plight of the aguna cannot be ignored and we are failing our women – all of society, indeed we are failing God – if we simply throw up our hands and let this situation be allowed to continue.

File photo: Divorce.

Helping break the chains of agunot whose husbands refuse divorce - opinion

Increased public awareness and new perspectives in Jewish law bring hope to agunot

File photo: Divorce.

Woman granted Jewish divorce after husband sanctioned by European courts

The get was given just days after sanctions were imposed, ending a three-year battle.


Woman granted divorce ten years after husband cut contact

Once their marriage was finalized, she became aware that her new husband had serious financial problems he expected her to help handle.

An Israeli police officer and an Israeli soldier at a temporary "checkpoint" in Jerusalem, to check

Get refuser grants divorce after being arrested at coronavirus checkpoint

"The get has become a halachically endorsed tool that can be abused to extort, control and threaten a spouse," said Director of Yad La'isha.


How Israel's Rabbinical Court saves agunot in the Diaspora – opinion

The only rabbinical court in the world that has the legal power to levy sanctions or even incarcerate a man until he gives the get, is Israel’s Rabbinical Court.

Aguna receives get, able to divorce husband after 14-year battle

"No woman deserves to live in constant torture for 14 years waiting to be released."


‘Aguna’ – a midcourse Jewish history correction

Anecdotes are not scientific research. But these and 100 others like them define the widely held communal paradigm regarding iggun. Let us extrapolate some views:

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