Can ChatGPT AI chatbot spot early stages of Alzheimer's? - study

The ChatGPT AI chatbot has been praised for its detailed, articulate and humanlike responses to prompts and queries. Could it be used to notice early signs of Alzheimer's?

Stranded dolphins found to show signs of Alzheimer's - study

The brain changes could explain why some dolphins become stranded, as a group leader with these changes may become confused or lost.

Chris Hemsworth takes time off after Alzheimer's predisposition news

Chris Hemsworth, 39, found out he is carrying two copies of the gene APOE4, which gives him an increased risk of developing Alzheimer's disease.


Elon Musk says expects Neuralink to begin human trials in six months

The company is developing brain chip interfaces that it says could enable disabled patients to move and communicate again.


How do I help take care of someone with Alzheimer's?

Taking care of sick relatives is always difficult, but it's incredibly difficult when they have a cognitive illness which causes irreversible personality changes.


Can food help the memory of those with Alzheimer's disease? - study

Can the taste of roast beef, fried chicken, spicy fish, or a wedding cake send those with dementia on “time travel” to the past?

'Spy with Me' at the Intl. Spy Museum in Washington, DC

"Spy with me " is offered once a month on Zoom by the International Spy Museum and explores spy stories with the addition of music and artifacts.


How many Israelis suffer from Alzheimer's?

The search for a cure for the disease still continues.

The ethics of Alzheimer’s: A challenging, yet critical, balance -opinion

We ask questions concerning our responsibilities in preserving any remaining quality of life and what we must do to preserve their dignity.


Israeli, US researchers find way to diagnose Alzheimer’s through retina - study

The onset of Alzheimer’s disease can be diagnosed by examining proteins in the retina instead of complicated and invasive PET scans or cerebrospinal fluid analysis.

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