Anwar Sadat

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EGYPTIAN LEADER Anwar Sadat, US president Jimmy Carter and prime minister Menachem Begin meet at Cam

The Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty at 40

Sadat was the only Arab leader who truly understood the collective psychology of the Israeli people.

Grapevine: Never say never

A senior pastor of The Pointe Church in Belmont, NC, Hardee is excited to participate in the Jerusalem marathon because support for and blessing Israel runs deep in his family.

Defense Ministry reveals new details on Sadat’s historic visit to Israel

Directive was received to ‘prepare the brigades for war’ following Begin's speech to the Knesset.

Une plaie toujours ouverte

La souffrance des juifs expulsés des pays musulmans n’a encore reçu aucune reconnaissance officielle


My Word: When Sadat showed the way

The visit by the Egyptian president 40 years ago was as momentous as Neil Armstrong’s first moon-walk.

ANWAR SADAT and Menachem Begin chat during the former Egyptian president’s historic visit to Jerusal

Egypt and Israel: Love your neighbor?

Israel and Egypt are too important to each other to just give up.

Benjamin Netanyahu

PM bemoans no ‘Palestinian Sadat’ 40 years later

On 40th anniversary of Sadat's speech to Knesset, PM says Israeli strength remains precondition for peace. Opposition leader Issac Herzog said an Israeli Begin is also needed.

Hazem Khairat

Israeli parliament celebrates 40th anniversary of historic Sadat speech

Egyptian ambassador to Israel is sole representative at Knesset event marking visit that lead to groundbreaking peace deal.

Egyptian Ambassador Hazem Khairat

Egyptian Ambassador to Israel: Chaos will break out without peace with the Palestinians

The Egyptian ambassador is expected to address the Knesset on Tuesday on the 40th anniversary of Anwar Sadat's visit.

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