SCALES OF JUSTICE decorate the International Criminal Court building in The Hague, Netherlands, in 2

Huwara attack could mark turning point for ICC Israel probe - analysis

One of the key questions about whether the ICC will indict Israelis is whether it trusts Israel’s own judicial system to bring perpetrators of violence against Palestinians to justice.

Police see possible arson in fires at a Jewish camp near Ottawa

A police statement said the damage rant to about $450,000 in US dollars. It said the fire “was of an arson nature.”


Shin Bet arrests West Bank Jewish resident for setting Palestinian car in flames

The indictment of the 22-year-old suspect is expected to follow in the coming days.

Arsonist murders 40-year-old, girlfriend suspected of aiding him to be released

The suspect in the burning of the body of a Petah Tikva resident has been already linked to past arson offenses.


'Enough attacks, evict the Arabs!' - Jerusalem arson attacks burn 5 cars

Photos of the scenes show graffiti declaring "the nation of Israel lives," and "enough [terrorist] attacks, evict the Arabs."

Woman found dead in burned-out apartment, husband arrested

Police are investigating the possibility that the husband deliberately started the fire in the home while his wife, their three children, and his father were all inside the apartment. 

Rothman’s criticism of the Supreme Court - editorial

According to MK Simcha Rothman, a Jew accused of violence is innocent even after conviction and after all appeals are exhausted, but for Palestinians it is different.

Israel Police catch cell suspected of torching buses in Safed

11 suspects were arrested on suspicion of involvement in arson and aiding the other suspects

Jerusalem Day: Violence flares in West Bank day after controversial march

A number of fires, some suspected as arson, endangered Jewish settlements in Samaria and Gush Etzion, while Jews reportedly attacked Palestinians in a town near Nablus.

'New York Jew' has 1983 arson conviction overturned due to antisemitism

“The credible evidence of antisemitic juror statements undermine the fairness of this verdict and denied Mr. Jacobson his Sixth Amendment right to an impartial jury trial.”

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