Ben-Gvir attacks A-G for delaying sealing up terrorist's home

The A-G's office said that Baharav-Miara had just received the security assessments and was reviewing them.

After High Court ruling, Deri says he will be minister again, doesn't say how

The High Court disqualified Deri from serving as a minister, saying that his appointment was highly unreasonable.

High Court rejects petition to force A-G to declare Netanyahu unfit as PM

The petition was filed 8 days after the group sent a letter to the Attorney-General's office.

Netanyahu impeachment not on the table, Israel's A-G says

"Contrary to what was claimed in the media, I did not hold discussions regarding the impeachment of the prime minister," said Baharav-Miara.

Will the A-G declare Netanyahu unfit to serve? Guess again - explainer

Reports on Friday said that the attorney-general is considering declaring Netanyahu unfit because of conflict of interest.

A-G pondering declaring Netanyahu unfit as PM due to conflicts of interest

A conflict of interest arrangement prohibits Netanyahu from being involved in legislation that has an impact on the proceedings against him.

Netanyahu must fire Arye Deri, A-G says following High Court ruling

The High Court ruled on Wednesday that Shas' Arye Deri cannot serve as a minister in the government because of his past crimes.

Judicial reform puts Israeli government above the law, deputy A-G says

The Knesset Constitution, Law and Justice Committee met regarding the law proposal to enable government ministers to ignore advice by their legal advisors.

Supreme Court Pres. Hayut: Netanyahu's judicial reform 'fatal blow' to democracy

Justice Minister Yariv Levin called Hayut a "political party" and accused her of trying to "set the streets on fire."

A screen capture of the live stream feed from a hearing at the High Court of Justice

Former Israel A-Gs on reforms: 'They threaten to destroy judicial system'

"The achievements of the High Court, which have advanced society and benefit every person, are now in grave danger."

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