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Avicahi Mandelblit

Police: 'There is no proof to spyware allegations, everything was legal'

Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit said initial examination did not turn up evidence of systemic misuse of surveillance technologies.


Netanyahu plea deal will not build trust in Israel's Supreme Court - opinion

Anyone who wants to build trust in the justice system must understand that Benjamin Netanyahu did not create the rift; he just became the face of it.


To justify Netanyahu plea deal, public interest must be preserved - opinion

Solidarity is a kind of “public credit” that we must use wisely given the real challenges facing the State of Israel. A continuation of this trial would be an irresponsible waste of that credit.

Netanyahu’s PR wins in plea deal drama leading to legal jeopardy - analysis

A stake for A-G Mandelblit and the prosecutors is an unconditional surrender of the public narrative pushed by former PM.

High Court rejects petition to block Deri from future office as premature

The High Court approved the constitutionality of Deri's plea bargain, leaving open the option of his return to politics in the future.

Faint echoes of Ford pardoning Nixon in possible Netanyahu plea deal - analysis

While what is being discussed is a plea, not a presidential pardon like the one that completely cleared Richard Nixon of any crimes, there are still parallels. 


Netanyahu likely to agree to A-G Mandelblit’s plea deal conditions

Former chief justice Aharon Barak is one of the forces behind A-G Avichai Mandelblit’s consideration to avoid jail time.

Anti-Netanyahu plea deal protest held outside A-G's house

Minister Eli Avidar, who was one of the leaders of the protests, called the demonstrators to also insist on a probe of the Submarine Affair. 

PRIME MINISTER Benjamin Netanyahu and Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit talk at the Prime Minister

Netanyahu's plea deal: Real negotiations or psychological warfare? - analysis

One thing is certain: A-G Avichai Mandelblit will not sign a deal that allows Netanyahu to remain an MK in the near future.

Netanyahu close to plea deal that would see him leave politics - report

Benjamin Netanyahu could leave the Knesset in exchange for the closure of Case 2000 and removal of the bribery charge in Case 4000.

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