Will coronavirus ever go away?

JPost One-on-One weekly 'Zoomcast': Episode 23 - Maayan Jaffe-Hoffman with Prof. Cyrille Cohen, head of immunotherapy at Bar-Ilan University

Bar Ilan University, engineering department

Bar-Ilan U. hacked, but classes continue; Ex-cyber deputy chief: May be part of broader attack

A cyberattack affected parts of the research network at Bar-Ilan University, though the perpetrators are still unknown.

A tray containing cancer cells sits on an optical microscope in the Nanomedicine Lab at UCL's School

Israeli scientists assist unprecedented mapping of cancer genome

A team of scientists from Bar-Ilan University's Azrieli Faculty of Medicine are taking part in the global Pan-Cancer Project to create a huge resource of primary cancer genomes.


Are hardline rabbis really creating private militias in the IDF? - analysis

Avigdor Liberman's comments aroused a storm of protest with several public figures arguing that such academies have produced thousands of excellent soldiers for the IDF.

Opening event of the 64th annual Board of Trustees meetings

Tony Blair in Israel: Antisemitism must be rooted out of British Labour

The former UK prime minister participated in an event at Bar-Ilan University.

Grapevine: Wishing Nechama good health

Movers and Shakers, how Israeli people shape the places of this country.

Dan David Prize

Grapevine: Prestigious prize laureates

Dan David was an inventor, international businessman and philanthropist whose vision was the driving force behind the international prize, which is awarded in conjunction with Tel Aviv University.


The good old days

‘It is at one and the same time a page of history and wrapping for tomorrow’s fish. It reflects society and thus is used for years after by social and political historians as a picture of its times’

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