State investigating possible hack into Netanyahu bribery case files

A prosecutor at some unspecified time logged on to the staff’s files only to find certain files missing.

PRIME MINISTER Benjamin Netanyahu, wearing a face mask, stands inside the courtroom at the Jerusalem
Who are the prosecutors for Benjamin Netanyahu's bribery trial?

The prosecutors expected to run Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s trial are lesser known but potentially as powerful.

Calculating taxes
How to turn the tables on the Swiss banks – opinion

The bank or financial institution may have received not only a disclosed fee appearing on your bank statement, but also a hidden fee from the fund or similar where they invested your money.

Iranian judge accused of jailing journalists indicted for bribery

The US government news organization Radio Farda reported that Mansouri “issued arrest warrants for 20 journalists in a single day on February 8, 2013."

What on earth is media bribery, and should it be a crime? – analysis

How could Mandelblit indict Netanyahu for a nonexistent crime that is unheard of not only in Israel, but on most of the planet?

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recommends Israelis use the namaste greeting to avoid contracting
Netanyahu to ask court to broadcast trial live

"They don't like it that I am not a poodle."

THE OUTSIDE of Jerusalem District Court, where the trial of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will t
The trial of the century begins as Netanyahu heads to court

Legal Affairs: The prime minister faces bribery, fraud and breach of trust charges.

Head of Chief Rabbinate kashrut to be indicted for bribery

Rabbi allegedly took cash in return for bypassing supervision procedures

Efi Nave in court
Efi Nave, judge to be indicted in sex for judgeship scandal

Nave is suspected of having sexual relationships with Eti Karif and with a female lawyer whose husband is a magistrate’s court judge and was seeking promotion to become a district judge.

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