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On This Day: Arabs win historic victory over Byzantines at Battle of Yarmuk

The victory marked the rise of the Caliphate as it expanded outside the Arabian peninsula, and marked the first major clash between Muslims and Christians.


Cookware, gold coin shed light on life in Ramat Hasharon 1500 years ago

Archaeologists found ancient artifacts in a salvage excavation prior to the construction of a new neighborhood near Tel Aviv.

Jewish amulet against ‘evil eye’ offers insight into Talmudic Israel life

The artifact was discovered some 40 years ago in the Galilee village of Arbel by one of its first residents, the late Tova Haviv.

Ancient Greek inscription found by chance in the Negev

The stone was found by a "Project 500" worker from the Parks and Nature Authority while cleaning and preparing nature paths in the Nitzana National Park.

Altar to Greek god found in wall of Byzantine church raises questions

This excavation is now focusing on figuring out how this pagan altar came to be part of the church wall and what the inscription on it means.

2,900-year-old Urartu archeological park to be opened to public

Three sarcophagi containing the sole specimens from the Urartu Kingdom were found at the site.

Palestinian envoy to UNESCO: Pressure Israel to return 'stolen' artifact

In July, COGAT officials located the font near the city of Bethlehem, together with the Bethlehem District Coordination and Liaison Office and the cooperation of the Etzion Regional Brigade.

Byzantine church discovered in Banyas nature reserve

According to scholars, the church, which used pagan architecture, was founded on the site when Christianity became the official religion in Israel in the fourth century CE.

How did Jews get by under Byzantine rule?

A look at surprising Jewish pastimes in past times

Hundreds of 1,100-year-old solid gold coins found in central Israel

"With a sum [of cash] like this, a person could buy a fancy house in one of the best neighborhoods in Fustat, the rich capital of Egypt at the time."

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