Chaim Druckman

Drukman: ‘I’m alive because I have to do good for the people of Israel’

Top religious Zionist leader Rabbi Haim Drukman died on Sunday evening after suffering from multiple medical issues.


Grapevine: Family novelty

Movers and shakers in Israeli society.

Religious Zionist Party head Bezalel Smotrich is seen addressing the Knesset on July 5, 2021.

Religious Zionist Party to have membership drive in English

The membership drive will have forms in not only Hebrew but also in English, French, Russian and Amharic. 

Ultra-Orthodox worshippers pray on Tisha Be’Av, the saddest day in the Jewish calendar, at the Weste

Does calling someone a 'pig' sound different in Yiddish?

Porush meant that Reform Judaism is dangerous because Reform Jews “show” some Jewish practices but do not observe “all” of them.

Rabbi Haim Drukman attends the campaign launch of the right-wing Yamina party, ahead of the Israeli

Rabbi Druckman: Right-wing cannot form government with Ra'am's support

Authoritative rabbi calls on New Hope leader Gidon Saar to break vow not to sit in Netanyahu-led govt. and join the right-wing, religious bloc headed by Netanyahu.

Rabbi Haim Druckman

Rabbi Druckman, senior rabbis endorse Smotrich and Ben-Gvir

Mainstream Rabbi Druckman backs Religious Zionist Party, a union of the hardline National Union and ultra-nationalist, Kahanist Otzma Yehudit, but excludes the religious-Zionist party Bayit Yehudi

Rabbi Druckman calls for Yamina unity in face of possible Likud pressure

In a letter addressed to Bennett, Bayit Yehudi leader Rafi Peretz and National Union leader Bezalel Smotrich, Druckman called on the party heads to “preserve the unity” of the list.

Rabbi on conversion

World Bnei Akiva former head slams Rabbi Druckman for 'coup' comment

Zionist leader Rabbi Haim Druckman called indictments against Netanyahu a “field trial” and called on the public to attend a protest.

Rabbi Aryeh Stern

Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem criticizes critics of Rabbi Druckman

Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem Aryeh Stern said in his letter that he was writing to give Druckman support against “slanderers” and those disseminating “words that could be offensive” to the rabbi.

A CHILD abuse victim is portrayed in this illustrative photo

Prominent yeshiva dean calls on Druckman to apologize for backing Elon

Elon insists his affection for a distressed teen boy in 2005 was misinterpreted. But now, new allegations have surfaced.

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