Can a unified Israel rise from the ashes of the Hamas war?

While we entered this war more divided than ever – and with large numbers even saying that they believed civil war to be a possibility – Israelis today are united in their determination to win.

Treasury's plan: Foreign contractors & loans to boost periphery construction

The Treasury's program to revive periphery demand includes discounts on new apartments, subsidies for veterans, exploring foreign contractors, and government-guaranteed loans for struggling builders.

Trump Jerusalem

Maine election disqualifies Trump from presidential primary ballot

The decision came after a group of former Maine lawmakers said that Trump should be disqualified based on a provision of the US Constitution.


Will Israel's Thai workers return to agriculture, construction jobs?

The Thai embassy in Israel is considering returning agricultural workers and exploring construction industry partnerships to address the female labor shortage post-war.

If the Declaration of Independence falls, Israeli unity will fall too - opinion

This last bastion of consensus is under attack. If it succeeds, there will no longer be any text around which the State of Israel and Israeli society can unite.

Knesset speaker calls to replace High Court if reasonableness law struck down

Knesset speaker Amir Ohana has suggested swapping the High Court with a "constitutional court."

Why are Israelis not protected by due process of law? - opinion

Israelis may not yet be ready to agree on a full written constitution, but defining due process and reviewing that sufficient procedures are applied may provide Israel with basic checks and balances.


Is Israel in danger of entering a constitutional crisis?

LEGAL AFFAIRS: It is necessary to explore these scenarios, the consequences of a constitutional crisis, and just how likely one is to erupt.

Ben-Gvir vs Shabtai: Who will police obey in a constitutional crisis?

The police chief said that the police were only guided by the law and as long as he was in command, the only guiding principle would be the law, even in a constitutional crisis.

Splitting Israel into two Jewish states solves nothing - opinion

As long as I have a choice I shall nevertheless always opt for pluralism, and in the current social and political crisis will fullheartedly support compromise over any sort of escapist purism.

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