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Israel's inhumane live animal shipments pose danger to public health

Israel's bill to end the import of live animals for meat has stalled in light of elections, but the method is illegal, dangerous and costly.

Cows graze in a grassy area near Mas'ada in the Israeli Golan Heights

Grazing cows lead to squabble on Lebanese-Israeli border

The herders from the border village of Wazzani say Israeli patrols crossed into a grey zone on Sunday between a technical fence that separates the two countries.


Israeli drug to overcome antibiotic resistance receives $20m. in funding

The drug would be used to mitigate the effects of antibiotic resistance


Police confiscate 54 cows, detain 6 people suspected of damaging state land

The six people detained are suspected of illegally entering farmland, damaging property, trespassing and breaking forest regulations.

Cow illustrative

BGU scientists manipulate cow microbiomes for the first time

The implication of this research, which was published in the academic journal Nature Communications, is significant, as it could potentially allow scientists to prevent cows from emitting methane.


Hindu group offers cow urine in a bid to ward off coronavirus

Experts have repeatedly asserted that cow urine does not cure illnesses like cancer and there is no evidence that it can prevent coronavirus.

Cow illustrative

PA removes Israeli calf ban, Israel removes Palestinian agriculture ban

The ban on importing calves from Israel was taken in September by PA Prime Minister Mohammed Shtayyeh as part of his plan to achieve “gradual economic disengagement” from the Jewish state.

Calf (Illustrative)

Calves descend on Naftali Bennett's home in protest of PA boycott

The calves grazed the grass near Bennett's home as farmers stated that they "don't have the money to continue to feed them."

A Isreal Shekel note and a U.S. Dollar note are seen in this June 22, 2017 illustration photo

COGAT stops Palestinians from exchanging shekels for foreign currency

The move was made in response to the decision by the Palestinian Authority to stop buying calves from Israel and to begin importing calves from other countries.

Cows graze in a grassy area near Mas'ada in the Israeli Golan Heights

New behavior analysis AI tech allows you to improve a cow's 'moood'

The system uses a unique imaging technology in order to precisely track the activity of each cow and to automatically analyze the complex and social behaviors of the cattle.

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