Calf (Illustrative)
Calves descend on Naftali Bennett's home in protest of PA boycott

The calves grazed the grass near Bennett's home as farmers stated that they "don't have the money to continue to feed them."

A Isreal Shekel note and a U.S. Dollar note are seen in this June 22, 2017 illustration photo
COGAT stops Palestinians from exchanging shekels for foreign currency

The move was made in response to the decision by the Palestinian Authority to stop buying calves from Israel and to begin importing calves from other countries.

Cows graze in a grassy area near Mas'ada in the Israeli Golan Heights
New behavior analysis AI tech allows you to improve a cow's 'moood'

The system uses a unique imaging technology in order to precisely track the activity of each cow and to automatically analyze the complex and social behaviors of the cattle.

Cow illustrative
PA warns of intl. intervention against Israeli trade embargo threats

The Palestinian Minister of Agriculture said that he had not heard about the threat by Israel from any official source and had so far only heard about them from the media.

Employee holds a container with lab-grown steak as she works in a Aleph Farms lab in Israel
Israeli start-up grows slaughter-free beef in space

"This joint experiment marks a significant first step toward achieving our vision to ensure food security for generations to come, while preserving our natural resources."

Cow illustrative
‘Where the cows have already come home’

A personal experience with animal tourism in Israel

A cow grazes next to a vehicle of the Iraqi Federal Police parked in a position to fight ISIS
Booby-trapped cows detonate in Iraq, wounding one

Two cow bombs exploded in the village of Al Islah in the Diyala Governorate in Iraq, wounding a civilian.

cows kibbutz israel dairy
Israeli scientist figures out how to stop cows from killing the planet

Studies have shown that dairy cows contribute large amounts of greenhouse gas emissions, caused by the organisms living in their microbiomes.

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