Biomass of humans and cattle dwarfs that of wild mammals

Wild land mammals weigh less than 10% of the combined weight of humans and are outweighed by cattle and other domesticated mammals by a factor of 30.

Calf (Illustrative)

Calves need human contact for a happier life - study

In a new study, five minutes spent with humans reduced the duration of calves’ "abnormal behaviors" and increased their amount of rest after meals.

Microbes in kangaroo feces could reduce methane from cows - study

After researchers added the baby kangaroo culture and a known methane inhibitor to the simulated stomach, it produced acetic acid – the main component of vinegar – instead of methane.

US woman detained in Russia after walking calf on Red Square

"I wanted to show it a beautiful place in our beautiful country," she said.

Calf (Illustrative)

Palestinians accuse Israel of training spy cows - report

A Palestinian villager is claiming that Israel has been training its cattle to go and spy on Palestinians.

Why do we like some animals but hate, not care about others? - study

No monkey business here. Let's take a deep dive into our own human biases and perceptions for different animals, whether we love them, hate them or eat them.


Catholic Church can curb carbon emissions by returning to meat-free Fridays, study suggests

The practice dates back to the first century CE, when Pope Nicholas I declared that Catholics were required to abstain from eating meat on Fridays in memory of the death and crucifixion of Christ.

From Texas to Israel: Red heifers needed for Temple arrive

A Christian farmer in Texas raised the prized heifers which are essential for priests to serve in the Temple.


Bull in a china shop? In Israel, a bull went amok in a bank

A bull ran away from its owner in the city of Lod, ran through a parking lot and then entered a Leumi Bank branch.

Maolac creates breast milk-like superfood from cow colostrum

By extracting proteins in bovine colostrum and plant-based analogs, the Israeli foodtech startup is able to create a superfood with the same nutritional benefits as human breast milk.

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