Facebook removes pro-Trump group for calls of violence

"The group was organized around the delegitimization of the election process, and we saw worrying calls for violence from some members of the group," said Facebook.


Seth Rogen accuses Isaac Herzog of 'misrepresenting' comments on Israel

Seth Rogen made it "clear [...] that what was missing in the published interview was what he did not say: How important Israel is to him. And that, of course, Israel must exist."

ANTI-ISRAEL PROTESTERS emerge after Friday Islamic prayers in Durban, South Africa in 2014.

The current delegitimization of Israel has been on the cards for decades

My father, Prof. Henry Weinberg, warned decades ago of a snowballing assault on Israel as an ‘apartheid’ and ‘illegal’ state.

Anti-Israel BDS

'End anti-Israeli Hatefest' Wiesenthal Centre asks Lausanne university

The Haute Ecole Pedagogique Vaud means to host 'anti-Jewish' campaign in late April set to 'delegitize Israel' among high school students and their teachers, says the centre.

Peter Fox at Capital Pride 2017 in Washington

Creating a coalition to counter misinformation

“Their life mission is to delegitimize Israel, so unfortunately the line between anti-Zionist and antisemitic beliefs is very thin.”

Students and visitors are seen walking around the main campus buildings of University College London

Walking provocation that deserves hate and abuse globally

So why is that so controversial? Because my whole life story shatters the propaganda – the desperate smear campaign to delegitimize the State of Israel.


Lebanese crisis

The Lebanese Prime Minister resignation signals a new era of instability in the North.

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