denial of the armenian genocide

Armenian dress
Armenian exhibit in Jerusalem evokes painful memories

The exhibit with a dancing dress has haunted visitors.

Armenian Genocide
Lost evidence of Armenian Genocide discovered in Jerusalem archive

Boxes of evidence have rested in the archives of the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem for nearly a century, inaccessible to scholars "for reasons that are not entirely clear."

SUPPORTERS OF Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan wave national flags in Taksim Square
After Israel, the new goal is Armenia

It should not be forgotten that love is more powerful and profound than the insidious schemes of the shadow groups.

armenia genocide
Knesset committee recognizes Armenian genocide

“It is our moral obligation to recognize the Holocaust of the Armenian nation,” committee chairman MK Ya’acov Margi (Shas) said.

It’s time for reconciliation

Sending a delegation of Knesset members to Armenia was an important step in the right direction. Let us hope that Israel chooses values over our interests in international relations.

Pope Francis
Vatican hits back at Turkey for calling pope 'crusader'

"The pope is on no crusade. He is not trying to organize wars or build walls but he wants to build bridges," spokesman Father Federico Lombardi told reporters.

SUPPORTERS WAVE Armenian and German flags earlier this month in front of the Reichstag, as they prot
Germany’s century-long struggle with the Armenian genocide

The Armenian genocide and the German dimension of it should make us rethink our perception of humanity – what does it mean that people knew of genocide and mass atrocities in progress? And did so already in the years before the Holocaust?

Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein and Knesset Education, Culture and Sport Committee chairman Ya'acov M
Edelstein calls for Knesset to recognize Armenian genocide

Only 22 countries recognize the 1915 massacres as a genocide, including Canada, France and Germany, but not the US.

Armenia: Untouched beauty

The small country located in southwestern Asia, just a two-hour non-stop flight from Tel Aviv – is so unique.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan
Commentary: Could the Turkish tide turn?

The path to renewed cooperation with Ankara runs through Syria and the Palestinian track

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