deserts in israel

Negev’s ‘Desert Nights’ festival to kick off in August

The Desert Nights-Negev Stars Festival will allow visitors to get to know the peoples, lands, and stories of Israel's Negev desert.


Israeli 'DeserTech' to be model for environmental cooperation in Mideast

The program encourages entrepreneurism and innovation around solving four of the most significant challenges of the desert.

MARK AND ELLEN NEWMAN with Ariel at his high-school graduation a few months before his death.

American dead hiker’s family won NIS 2.7 m., but did the Israeli court really dig in?

The court said it dismissed disputed aspects of the students’ narratives since there was no way to reconcile contradictions, they had clearly influenced each other, and because of inconsistencies.

Desertification Day: How Israel could help solve the desertification crisis

"There is hope," said Nicole Hod-Stroh. "Israel's Negev is leading this hope and should be a source of national pride."

Archaeologists find architecture plans for mystery desert mega structures - study

Archaeologists found ancient engravings in Saudi Arabia and Jordan that seem to be architectural plans to construct mega-structures called desert kites, which were used for hunting.

Israel made the desert bloom – this is fact, not racism - opinion

Contrary to what anti-Israel figures try to say, the Jewish people transformed this region in the Middle East into a prosperous country.

Air conditioning system in PM Ben-Gurion's Sde Boker home restored

Teams of retired technicians came back for a special project: restoring a long-retired air conditioning unit in the former home of Israel's first Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion.

How did the Arava become the 'Silicon Valley' of Israeli agriculture?

Welcome to “the Silicon Valley” of Israeli agriculture. The JNF’s catchy slogan is “The Arava is where fertile minds meet barren soil.” 


Grazing animals on desert land can help the environment - Israeli study

Grazing affects many ecosystems, especially in light of climate change and increasing human activity.

A mouse, illustrative image.

Light pollution is killing desert rodents - study

The rodents that have been dying like flies are the diurnal golden spiny mouse, and the nocturnal common spiny mouse.

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