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A member of the audience looks on wearing a United States-Israel themed custom suit during the AIPAC
US Jews opposing Israeli policy must be included in Jewish unity talks

Israeli and Diaspora Jewry need to move forward in respectful partnership with one another, which must include a dialogue which has room for honest criticism.

Without visas, will Israeli talent return home during coronavirus?

With half a million Israeli workers and acadmeics living abroad, who are facing the pandemic and recent changes in US immigration policy, decision-makers see a chance to reverse 'brain-drain'

How is COVID-19 spike in Florida affecting Jewish community?

"We have increased funding for counseling for domestic abuse victims, for job counseling, and volunteer programs."

Beta Israel community in Ethiopia receives humanitarian aid from Israel

The community, located in the city of Debre Birhan in central Ethiopia, has suffered from a severe shortage of basic food products due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

The Jersey synagogue socially distanced its chairs for its first Shabbat service since the start of
Coronavirus pushed British island of Jersey's only synagogue to the brink

In May, Jersey’s Jewish Congregation for three weeks held the unlikely title of the only legally operating Shabbat service in Britain.

Argentina's President Alberto Fernandez, right, met with the head of the AMIA Jewish group and the f
Argentina’s President Alberto Fernandez condemns the AMIA bombing

“condemnation of terrorism can’t be under discussion, as the Holocaust, it can’t be neglected nor tolerated,” Fernandez said.

ISRAELI SOLDIERS patrol in Hebron, June 2020
What to make of the growing chasm between Israel and the diaspora?

Imparting Jewish literacy is the primary responsibility of each diaspora community, yet the Israeli government also has a critical role to play.

There are better ways to improve Israel-Diaspora relations

The concept of dismissing the Jewish state as a country due to dislike of its leadership and policies must come to an end.

Gov't to adopt strategic plan ‘to guarantee future' of Jews in Diaspora

The principle recommendation is that the government formulate a comprehensive and strategic plan to “guarantee the future of the Jewish people."

EJC calls on Portugal not to damage Jewish descendants citizenship law

Approximately 60,000 Jews from around the world have applied for Portuguese citizenship under the terms of the law, and several thousand have received it, including an estimated 5,000 from Israel.

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