Pascale’s Kitchen: Hanukkah treats

All year long, we can be careful about what we eat, but when Hanukkah rolls around, it’s time to put any thoughts of dieting aside and enjoy all the treats that are cooked in oil.

In the kitchen with Henny: Another spin on Hanukkah

In keeping with some of the Hanukkah traditions, like eating dairy and foods using olive oil, here’s a festive get-together menu that won’t last in your stomach for eight days.


Grapevine: Heroic haredim

Movers and shakers in Israeli society

How to fit sufganiyot into your diet

Make sure to eat some nutritious food with your donut!

Hanukkah: What are the best donuts (sufganiyot) in Jerusalem? - review

Before Hanukkah, it is up to me to undertake the mission of sampling the wide variety of sufganiyot in Jerusalem to determine which is the best. Yes, journalism is a heavy burden, indeed.


Pascale's Kitchen: End-of-festival Sweets

Hanukkah is here and sufganiyot are everywhere - here are three different and unique ones to make at home.

Hanukkah’s hidden hazard: Baker’s asthma

Every year, more than 30,000,000 sufganiyot (Hanukkah donuts) are sold in Israel. Yet, while people indulge, the workers who prepare this oily treat may suffer from "baker’s asthma." Why?

By Walla!

The never-ending line: Jerusalem bakery a huge Hanukkah hit

Café Kadosh chefs invent holiday donuts inspired by flavors of the Old City.

Hanukka Donuts

This Brooklyn’s Mexican-Jewish chef makes doughnuts that are out of this world

In her work, as in her life, Gerson likes to reflect on the richness of her Jewish and Mexican heritages.

By Risa Doherty/JTA

Jerusalem food shop Goldy's releases 'Bennett-flavored' donut

The donut seems to be the haredi business taking metaphorical shots at the prime minister, who leads a right-wing party in a coalition with many on the Left.

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