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Why did Iranian media claim Iran targeted ‘two advanced Israeli centers’ in Erbil - analysis

If Iran can claim it has struck at both it gets to claim it has struck two for the price of one. This doesn’t mean that Iran has actually done what it claims to have done.

F-35s ready for external attacks, but internal drone defense lacking – comptroller report

Comptroller: IDF’s defense of hazardous substance areas from drone attacks lacking.

Ukraine’s Turkish drones put in spotlight by Russian war - analysis

Since the conflict began there has been a focus on the fate of Ukraine’s two dozen Bayraktar drones.

Hezbollah’s drone threat is now on display - analysis

The Lebanese terror orginization is increasingly showing that it can make drones and use them to harass Israel.

Five times Iran used Iraqi militias to conduct drone attacks - analysis

Iran has recently established even closer ties with Iraqi militias and is now using them to attack Israel, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and other states.  

UAE intercepts, destroys three hostile drones claimed by Iraqi group

The drone attack comes days after the Houthis launched a ballistic missile towards Abu Dhabi during President Isaac Herzog's official visit.

US THAAD air defense system's first use was in Houthi attack on UAE - analysis

The Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system was used for the first time in an operation during a missile attack on the UAE last week.

UAE says missiles, drones used in deadly Houthi attack, some intercepted

"Several attacks - a combination of cruise missiles, ballistic missiles and drones - targeted civilian sites in the UAE. Several were intercepted," Emirati Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba said.


Iran reveals key details of Yemen Houthi attack on UAE - analysis

Iranian media claims ‘economic facilities and investments in the UAE are the Achilles heel of the UAE’s war in Yemen.’

Is Iran vs. US shadow war in Iraq and Syria about to explode? - analysis

Now, the shadow conflict that has emerged, stretching from Baghdad to attacks on the US in Tanf garrison in Syria, is growing and risks exploding into the open.

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