DEMONSTRATORS CARRY an inflatable angry emoji during a protest outside the Facebook annual sharehold

Emoji use shows less authority, power – TAU study

"When you want to signal power think twice before sending an emoji or a picture," says Tel Aviv University researcher Dr. Elinor Amit.

P26 JFR 370

Protect your phone from the evil eye: New Hamsa emoji announced

The hamsa is commonly used in accessories, jewelry and art throughout the Middle East.

The bone featuring the world's oldest symbols unearthed in Israel.

World's oldest ‘emojis’ unearthed at prehistoric site in Israel

The archaeologists believe that the bone belonged to an auroch, large cattle that is considered an ancestor of cows and ox.

A 3D-printed logo for Twitter is seen in this illustrative picture

Twitter creates special emoji for Hanukkah hashtags

The hashtags it will accompany include several in English such as #HappyHanukkah and #Hanukkah. It will also accompany hashtags in multiple languages including Russian, Spanish and Hebrew.

On World Emoji Day, Twitter announces the most used emojis of 2020

"The impact of COVID-19 on our conversations and behavior is evident in emoji usage trends compared to last year."


My Word: Emojis, signs and mixed messages

Will emojis take us back to the days of cavemen’s drawings? This is where the new “dodo” or “mammoth” emojis might come in useful.

World rejoices as 'pinched fingers' or 'rega' emoji is released

Whatever you call it, Quentin Somerville, the Middle East correspondent for the BBC, sees the codification of the regional signifier for “hold on to your horses” as welcome good news.

Reading a torah scroll

Will there soon be a Torah emoji?

There are already some other Jewish-themed emojis in use online and in various messaging platforms: A synagogue, two stars of David and an Israeli flag.

The new hijab emoji.

Fighting for equality - Rabbis demand the addition of kippah-wearing emoji

"We request the creation of a new emoji that will symbolize the Jewish religion, either a woman wearing a hat, a person wearing a kippah, or even an emoji of Torah books."

Falafel emoji

Falafel emoji on its way to your phone

A new slate of 230 emojis will begin appearing on phones later this year

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