Amichai Chikli says he will focus less on Women of the Wall and Reform Jews struggles as minister

Chikli said that "every new minister put his emphasis on certain things. My emphasis will be on protecting the Jewish communities from antisemitism and also the fight against the BDS movement."


Override Clause will erode Israel's democracy, castrate Supreme Court - opinion

This policy is intended to bring Israel closer to the model of a Torah state and distance it from the Declaration of Independence’s promise of religious freedom and equality.


Iran protests should be turning point in change for women, life and freedom - opinion

Iranians once lived in an extremely progressive and liberal country, but for 43 years now have suffered under the terrorist dictatorship of the Ayatollah.

Do winners cheat more than losers? - study

A new study concluded that people who have a strong sense of fairness cheat less, irrespective of whether they have won or lost.

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) policies: a danger to Jews and all Americans - opinion

Adam Milstein analyzes the Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) trends in America and their effect on the Jewish minority.

Largest ever Arabic language LGBTQ campaign launched across Israel

Beit el-Meem has placed dozens of signs around the country, including in Nazareth, Iksal and Kafr Kanna, with the slogan "There is a home for all sexualities and gender identities in Arab society."

Points of light in Pride Month - analysis

Many gay people find it difficult to come out of the closet, and when they do, some are in need of therapy, especially if hassled because of their sexual orientation.

Legislating the right to equality is a must - opinion

Israel technically has a law that ensures equality, but it's not substantial enough, and more binding law are needed.


Coalition tensions rise as Shaked, Gantz fight over Nation-State Law

Netanyahu warned that canceling the Nation-State Law would result in a mass influx of millions of Muslim migrants into Israel, who would surpass the current Jewish majority.


People need to be active for Jerusalem to be a pride-tolerant place - opinion

Public policy for the LGBTQ+ community is still dictated by the standards of hate and prejudice.

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