Eretz Nehederet

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Eretz Nehederet spoofs absurd political reality

Israeli TV spoofs elections 2030, Quentin Tarantino and his pregnant wife

The show opened in a dystopian wasteland in the year 2030 that was once Tel Aviv, with current Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu still sitting in his prime minister’s chair.

The ghost of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef and Arye Deri appear on Eretz Nehederet Wednesday night

Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef slams satire TV show for depiction of his father

‘As a Jew, as a rabbi, as a son, and as a human I am appalled and ashamed’


Roseanne Barr, Samantha Bee and the limits of humor

Israeli politicians regularly denounce satirical TV shows – but should we be drawing red lines in comedy?

Orthodox Jewish women at the Western Wall

Bringing the women back to Ramat Beit Shemesh

This past October, in Jerusalem, pictures of actresses from the satirical television program 'Eretz Nehederet' were defaced on billboards throughout the city.

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