Ethnic and religious minorities

70% of Israeli-Arabs 'certain' or 'think' they will vote, poll finds

The actual vote is expected to be approximately 50%, expert says.

Russia targets ethnics minorities, protestors for forced conscription

The presence of non-ethnic Russian battalions in the Ukrainian theatre of war has been noted since the beginning of the war, with Far East communities suffering disproportionate losses.

Bedouin sector Israeli teachers take part in US embassy exchange program

The principals recently returned from the United States, where they took part in an exchange program initiated by the US Embassy in Israel.

Israel elections: 'They don't want minorities in Likud' - MK Fateen Mulla

Back in July, Fateen Mulla also sharply criticized Likud after the party made the decision to move the slot reserved for a minority MK to number 44 on the list.


Iran steps up persecution of its Baha’i minority

Tehran is seen as scapegoating the group to distract attention from the deteriorating situation in the country.


Liberman calls for Nation-State Law to be changed for Druze community

Druze activists and leaders welcomed the call to change the Nation-State Law.


Hebrew University researchers identify 'diversity illusion'

New research suggests that people overestimate the presence of a minority in social settings, including members of the minority themselves.

Bedouin society is undergoing a historic change, still has further to go

The change that the Bedouin community has undergone in the past 70 years is essentially jumping 500 years into the future.

Students at Roosevelt High School, Broward County.

California's controversial 'Ethnic Studies' bill passes legislature

The Californian State Legislature passed a bill that introduces ethnic studies into its high schools after amending its model curriculum following claims of antisemitism.

Saying Ashkenazim are elitist won’t change status of Mizrahim - opinion

The truth is that in the past, and perhaps even today, many Ashkenazim also viewed the Mizrahim as a collective – an inferior collective.

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