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Israel must learn from the Enes Freedom case - opinion

The Biden administration is paving the way for the world’s worst human rights abusers to expand their powers however they see fit

Free speech isn't always free on university campuses - opinion

Over the last few weeks, a Palestinian student at the University of Southern California has come under scrutiny for her antisemitic and violent tweets.

Religious Services Minister plans law to exempt rabbis from political comments restrictions

Minister Matan Kahana's comments were criticized since municipal chief rabbis are in effect never subject to disciplinary procedures despite gross violations of the regulations.

A writer's experience with cancel culture

While there is a lot of horrible language that deserves to be challenged and even canceled, it has created a climate of fear for writers like me.


When cancel culture comes for Jews - opinion

When “cancel culture” translates to public accountability for one’s behavior or comments, it sometimes seems only fair. But in an era of social media, the consequences can be profound.

Canceling free speech leads to whitewashing history - opinion

Whatever happened to the once-noble American traditions of free speech, an open marketplace of ideas and academic freedom?

Emi Palmor: The Israeli watchdog involved in Facebook's ban on Trump

With an imminent decision on Trump on the Oversight Board’s docket, all eyes are on its 20 members.

Oppressive Turkish gov’t pushes bizarre ‘human rights’ plan - analysis

Is Turkey’s “human rights” plan just virtue-signaling to try to forestall US criticism, or is it part of a process of creating a new constitution and seeking to turn itself into a one party state?

Free speech does not mean hate speech - opinion

The limits of free speech were violated in the ad hominem assaults on Rabbi Beals, which are intolerable.

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