NASA's Hubble captures image of 3 galaxies colliding and merging together

The three galaxies in question have been designated as SDSSCGB 10189 and are in the process of merging into one massive galaxy. A similar fate will befall the Milky Way in 4.5 billion years.

Scientists discover new feature that makes the Milky Way unique

Only a millionth of simulated galaxies were located in a cosmological wall like the Local Sheet and had a mass like the Milky Way's.

Long-distance call: Scientists find 8.8 billion-year-old galaxy signal - study

The signal was detected by the Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope in India and may indicate that humanity is ready to study galaxies in the farther reaches of space.

Scientists discover pair of black holes sharing a galaxy-merger meal

The two black holes are extraordinarily close together, and are jointly feasting on the matter generated as a byproduct of the merging galaxies.

Israeli scientist helps discover the universe's first stars - Cambridge study

Astrophysicists managed for the first time to statistically characterize the first galaxies in the universe.

Black hole blasted Earth with near light-speed jet of matter - study

The jet of matter, appearing as a flash of light brighter than 1,000 trillion suns, originated from a supermassive black hole 8.5 billion light years away and traveled at 99.99% the speed of light.

Undetected black hole shreds apart star in dwarf galaxy

The shredding of the star, known as a “tidal disruption event” or TDE, produced a flare of radiation that briefly outshone the combined stellar light of the host dwarf galaxy.

Neutrinos traced back to a specific galaxy for first time

The detection was made at the IceCube Neutrino Observatory, a massive neutrino telescope below the surface of Antarctica.

Where will humanity go after Earth becomes uninhabitable? - study

If Earth becomes overcrowded, there must be an exo-planet somewhere out there with more room. But where?

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