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Russian hackers account for most 2021 ransomware schemes, US says

Out of 793 ransomware incidents reported in the second half of 2021, 75% "had a nexus to Russia, its proxies, or persons acting on its behalf."


Hacks against Iran highlight regime’s vulnerabilities - analysis

The group behind the hacks calls itself Black Reward and recently claimed to have published a mass of documents related to Iran’s nuclear program.

Iran's atomic energy organization says e-mail was hacked, state media says

Iranian hacker group "Black Reward" hacked into Iran's atomic energy organization's email server.


Iranian hackers claim to have obtained files of Iran's 'dirty nuclear projects'

The group advised that in order to keep  personal devices safe, it is preferably to check the attached and downloaded documents in a safe and offline Sandbox/VM.

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance suffers $570 million hack

The hacker had taken around two million of the cryptocurrency BNB, Binance’s own digital coin, with a value of around $284 each.

Telegram founder calls WhatsApp a 'surveillance tool'

Telegram's founder Pavel Durov has spoken out against WhatsApp's security vulnerabilities in the past.

  Cyber attacks spiked in 2021

Suspected Chinese hackers tampered with widely used Canadian chat program

US cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike said in a blog post that it had discovered malicious software being distributed by Vancouver-based Comm100, which provides customer service products.


Anonymous launches hacking operation against Iran following Amini's death

Mahsa Amini fell into a coma and died after being arrested by Iranian police for supposedly wearing her hijab incorrectly.

Kosovo says it foiled assassination plot, confirming info from Iran leak

Kosovo said it foiled a plot to assassinate Prime Minister Albin Kurti in 2021, confirming information published by an Albanian TV station based on data allegedly leaked by Iranian hackers.


Your personal data isn't safe - here's why

CYBER AFFAIRS: The US, Israel and the West are losing the privacy battle against hackers – and badly.

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