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Reading a book (Illustrative)

Can growing up surrounded by books protect against old-age dementia?

Over 5 million adults over 65 suffer from dementia, and over 14 million are expected by 2060 as the general population ages, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

Sandbar sharks travel furthest than ever tracked

Sandbar sharks are known to have traveled to Cyprus and Egypt, but they were recently tracked in Sicily.

University of Haifa awards honorary doctorate to Delta Galil Industries CEO

Dabah was recognized for his unique dedication to higher education and ability to impact society at large and was applauded for his long-time support of Ethiopian students who study at the university


15,000-year-old tools shed light on community relations in ancient Israel

15,000-year-old pestles were found, offering insights on how communities began to develop a close connection to their territory.

Anterior vertebra of ancient catfish excavated in Jerusalem.

Ancient Judeans ate non-kosher catfish, sharks

The biblical prohibition against finless and scaleless sea creatures emerged in spite of this consolidated habit.

A young girl stands with collected trash sign reading SOS

Nearly half of Israelis admit to littering in the past year - study

Israel's litterbugs testified that the reason they littered was "not seeing a trash can nearby," or "not noticing" that they had done so, though they believe others likely do it "just for fun."

Haifa University signs cooperation agreement with UAE research institute

The Emirati TRENDS Institute studies geopolitical shifts, international relations, security and military affairs and economic sustainability in and around the Middle East.

Earliest evidence for stone grinding tool dates back 350,000 years

The discovery shows that our ancestors played games using rocks that were heated and used as different pieces.

COVID-19 deaths reduced by only meeting with those of same age – study

Creating microenvironments for people in the same group to meet while maintaining social distancing and wearing masks could cut mortality rates by up to 91%.

An Israeli gas platform, controlled by a U.S.-Israeli energy group, is seen in the Mediterranean sea

Israel in ‘weak countries club’ if it looks away while Cyprus acts – study

In six years, Israel has done nothing to challenge Cyprus's position that it may pump gas out of the Aphrodite-Yishai field.

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