The Swedish flag is seen at Gamla Stan, the Old City of Stockholm, Sweden, May 7, 2017.

Christian Swedish students sing Hanukkah song for Jewish classmates

On December 13th. during Saint Lucy's Day, the students sing Christmas carols but also devote one of the songs to the Jewish students and to Hanukkah.


Hanukkah entertainment and family-friendly activities across Israel

The rundown of Hanukkah events, all over the country, has seemingly infinite family-friendly activities and entertainment possibilities.

 A coin representing the bitcoin cryptocurrency is seen on computer circuit boards in this illustrat

‘Crypto-Gelt’ introduced by Manischewitz ahead of Hanukkah

The classic Hanukkah chocolate candy will now feature a modern, cryptocurrency-inspired iteration on shelves.

Keep your home safe this Hannukah

By being as diligent as we can around electricity and heating, we can have a safe and warm holiday season. 

Hanukkah: The holiday of Jewish dignity - opinion

The city of Dnipro, Ukraine, has the biggest menorah structure in the world, symbolizing the significance of every menorah: The Jewish people are here, and they are no longer apologetic.


Hungary’s Jews host outdoor Hanukkah ceremonies amid Omicron

Hungary’s Jewish community will continue celebrating the Jewish festival of lights with public candle lighting events held outdoors.

Florida man has large menorah stolen, Rabbi gifts him even bigger one

After Rabbi Eli Eckstein of Hollywood, Florida had his six-foot-tall menorah stolen, Chabad of Dania Beach delivered their own Hanukkah miracle, gifting Eckstein a new, taller menorah.

Boris Johnson loses pieces of a menorah he received from Jewish group

At a luncheon in London hosted by the Conservative Friends for Israel group, Johnson and Lapid received menorahs as gifts as a token of gratitude in the midst of the Hanukkah holiday.


Austin Chabad lights menorah on overpass where antisemitic banners hung

On Oct. 24, members of the neo-Nazi group the Goyim Defense League hung antisemitic banners from an overpass reading “Vax the Jews.” Chabad lit their Menorah in that exact spot.

Stephen Colbert poses backstage at the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles, September 22, 2013

Stephen Colbert creates plots for Hanukkah movies

Noting the nearly 150 Christmas movies that will be released by channels such as Lifetime and Hallmark this year, Colbert lamented that there were hardly any Hanukkah-themed movies.

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