Haredi draft

'Black kippah doesn’t exempt one from IDF service': says senior Shas haredi minister

Interior Minister Moshe Arbel advocates for equal IDF conscription, challenging the Shas party's stance.

Grapevine, July 10, 2024: Economic sanctions against haredim ineffective

A look to Israel's journalists, businessmen, writers and politicians.

Controversy over what Deputy IDF chief Baram told defense committee about Haredi draft

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is hoping to postpone the issue to September, concerned that the Haredim could bring the government down over their funds being frozen.

Judaism encourages haredim to draft into IDF

Evasion from military service, even to learn Torah, has no precedent in our history or our writings and codified laws. 


Ministers attack Gallant at security briefing

A number of ministers criticized Gallant during the briefing for his insistence to pass a haredi draft bill with "broad agreement."

Haredi men must be drafted. What now?

The IDF needs to understand the true importance of this moment and make the right accommodations for new haredi conscripts to ease this bumpy process.


Knesset Defense Committee holds classified meeting on haredi draft bill

Attendees at the meeting included Defense Minister Yoav Gallant and IDF representatives, alongside the committee members.

Soldier or scholar: Who is the better Jew?

History is not static; times change, conditions change, and we have to adapt to those changes.

Protesters attack Construction Minister Goldknopf while demonstrating haredi draft law in Jerusalem

Demonstrators also reportedly burnt trash cans in violation of the law, and police officers worked to disperse the protesters. 

 An ultra-Orthodox Jewish man is seen exiting an IDF recruiting office in Jerusalem, June 25, 2024

Haredi draft ideology debunked using Torah laws

The haredi world is overwhelmingly cut-off from the war reality that “mainstream” Israel is living, purposefully and devastatingly so.

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