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With the haredim, it will not be by persuasion - opinion

Israel has generally avoided coercion toward the haredi minority, regarding the draft, education and other issues.


Haredi enlistment law designed to increase haredi employment - analysis

The bill for increasing ultra-Orthodox enlistment to the IDF approved by the cabinet for passage to the Knesset appears designed primarily to increase haredi male participation in the work force.

United Torah Judaism MK: Women serving in the IDF is not 'human nature'

The issue of women serving in the IDF has been a long contested subject for the ultra-Orthodox parties in the Knesset.

Ultra-Orthodox men scuffle with Israeli police as they protest against the coronavirus restrictions

It is time for the ultra-Orthodox to be drafted by the IDF

Politics aside, now is the time for Israel to make order of a historical travesty.

Benny Gantz

Gantz presents new IDF draft outline, aims to include haredim, Arabs

"Each and every person will give two years in the sake of unity, everyone will serve two years, for the sake of our society.”

Key to changing next Israeli government: Communication with haredim

Until now, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been the only option for the haredi parties.


Biton to ultra-Orthodox IDF soldiers: You are modern Maccabees

Minister Michael Biton also said that the Defense Ministry intends to expand the program for ultra-Orthodox draft.

Liberman announces conscription at 18 for ultra-Orthodox, Arabs

Yisrael Beytenu leader says stagnation of ultra-Orthodox enlistment means that previous, compromise legislation no longer relevant

Israel's Foreign Affairs Minister Avigdor Liberman, 2011

Labor leader calls out Liberman for anti-haredi rhetoric in Twitter spat

“If Israel is important to you, stop your disqualifying and hateful rhetoric before a civil war breaks out here," Peretz tweeted to Liberman.

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