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The Gaza pier shows America's approach to the war is tone-deaf

Successful mediation of an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will require the US to construct a strategy around the values of the people involved, not their own.

 Lehava chairman Benzi Gopstein and right-wing activists demonstrate against the annual gay pride

US sanctions Lehava, extremist Israeli organizations blocking Gaza aid

The individuals on the list are members of Tzav 9, an organization that regularly blocks humanitarian aid trucks from entering Gaza.

How much aid has entered Gaza thanks to the US-built pier?

About 8,500 tons of aid has been delivered to the pier via Cyprus, a Cypriot source said, roughly the equivalent of 425 aid trucks.


UN humanitarian coordinator reports of 'groups of men with sticks' waiting to loot aid trucks

"What Mr. Hadi told us is that he saw firsthand the consequences of the breakdown in public order and safety, as he entered and exited Gaza through the Kerem Shalom crossing," Stéphane Dujarric said.

UN's false claims of Israeli starvation policy contributes to anti-Israel campaign

It is important to acknowledge that the shortage of supplies in the Gaza Strip, an unfortunate inherent hardship for any population in a war, does not indicate that there is widespread hunger.


Footage shows: Hamas terrorists beat hungry Gazans for 'stealing' aid

The terrorists can be seen wearing masks that cover their faces as they hit the tied-up and blindfolded civilians with sticks. The civilians can be heard yelling in pain. 

US humanitarian aid pier to be removed, Pentagon won't commit to it being reestablished

Out of its six weeks of operation, the pier was offline for about two due to repairs and weather conditions. 

Senior US Republican demands Biden administration shut Gaza aid pier

"I urge the Administration to immediately cease this failed operation before further catastrophe occurs and consider alternative means of land and air-based humanitarian aid delivery."


Looting adds to logistical woes of Gaza aid delivery by sea

Operations have been disrupted several times by rough seas hampering or damaging the pier, as well as by security considerations on land.

 Trucks carrying aid are seen entering the Gaza Strip through the Kerem Shalom, June 18, 2024

US trying to broker agreement between IDF, UN to improve safety for aid travel in Gaza

State Department Spokesperson Matthew Miller said the envoy for Middle East humanitarian issues Lise Grande is working with various government entities to find a way for UN workers to do their job.

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