Internationl Atomic Energy Agancy. United Nations body founded in 1957 to promote peaceful use of nuclear power.

What does the latest IAEA report mean for Iran nuke standoff? - analysis

It would seem that the West and the Islamic Republic are creeping toward a variety of informal understandings resembling a new nuclear deal.

Iran expands stock of near-weapons grade uranium, IAEA reports no progress

Iran's stock of uranium enriched to up to 60% purity, close to weapons grade, one of the confidential International Atomic Energy Agency reports to member states showed.


IAEA complains about anti-personnel mines in Russian-held nuclear plant

Ukraine and Russia accuse each other of shelling around the station and the IAEA has been trying to set up a safety mechanism to prevent accidents.


Europe not planning to ‘snapback’ Iran sanctions despite continued violations

Western states have been hesitant to discuss sanctions, while Washington and Tehran held indirect talks for an informal agreement that would have Iran freeze its nuclear program.

Ukraine 'preparing for a nuclear explosion,' lawmaker says

Rudik claimed that the situation with Russian-occupying forces surrounding Europe’s largest nuclear power plant Zaporizhzhia in Ukraine “remains very dangerous.”

IAEA spokesman: gunfire briefly halted convoy, but no immediate danger

"Convoy was stopped and gunfire was distinctly heard for a few minutes but the convoy was not in immediate danger. The agency doesn’t have any other information about the incident,” they said.


We must kill the Iran nuclear deal now and snapback sanctions - opinion

The deal can’t be saved, which is why our European allies should kill it altogether and move on to a policy that restores deterrence and imposes costs on Iran


Letters to the Editor June 7, 2023: Dystopian image

Readers of The Jerusalem Post have their say.

IAEA chief: Iran only cooperating with a ‘fraction’ of nuke inspection demands

The IAEA chief noted that Iran’s stockpile of enriched uranium has risen by over a quarter in three months.

Netanyahu attacks 'irrelevant' IAEA, says nuclear watchdog gave in to Iran

"Iran is continuing to lie to the International Atomic Energy Agency," Netanyahu told his cabinet in televised remarks.

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