Internationl Atomic Energy Agancy. United Nations body founded in 1957 to promote peaceful use of nuclear power.
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JCPOA withdrawal left 'unconstrained' nuclear Iran - US official

“Every day that goes by is just further proof and demonstration of how self-defeating the decision to withdraw from the JCPOA was [It] left an Iranian nuclear program that is unconstrained."

IAEA chief shows off Iran-style nuke monitoring camera

The director-general pushed back on questions that he had not achieved sufficient restoration of monitoring of the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program.

Like Khamenei, Rouhani – Iran's Raisi blinks under threat - analysis

Since his election in June, some have mythologized President Ebrahim Raisi as an immovable object. But then he moved.

Iran, IAEA reach partial deal on disputed nuclear issues

Though a partial deal has been reached, some disputes between Iran and the IAEA are still unresolved.

There is no ‘second Europe’ coming to Iran’s rescue - analysis

Serbia is one of the few European countries publicly pursuing stronger ties with Tehran.


US finally sets Iran-IAEA deadline⁠—sort of - analysis

Since last Thursday, the US has sent multiple loud signals to Iran that it will start exerting pressure if a nuclear compromise is not forthcoming.

US threatens escalation with Iran at IAEA next month

Iran is denying the IAEA access to re-install surveillance cameras at a workshop at the TESA Karaj complex.


No deal reached for access to Iran nuclear sites - IAEA chief

"The repeated prolongation of the agreement, which has now been in place for around nine months, is becoming a significant challenge to the Agency’s ability to restore this continuity of knowledge."

IAEA's Grossi says in Iran that he wants to deepen cooperation

Tehran and world powers will resume negotiations on Nov. 29 to find ways to reinstate the nuclear deal that Washington exited three years ago before reimposing harsh sanctions on Iran.


Iran calls for depoliticization of IAEA after France urges it to act

Complaints from the UN body that Iran has not fully cooperated with monitors could make it more difficult to revive the nuclear deal.

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