N. Korea flies jets, fires artillery near border as South extends drills

North Korean aircraft were detected in multiple areas north of the "tactical action line" north of the Military Demarcation Line between the two Koreas.


N. Korea fires ballistic missile ahead of US VP Harris visit

South Korea's Yonhap news agency reported on Saturday North Korea may be preparing to test a submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM), citing the South's military.


US seeks upgrades to hypersonic weapons and defense capabilities

The US Defense Department announced that hypersonic weapons and defense development are among its top priorities for the next year.

Iran preparing to conduct test launch of solid-fuel satellite rocket

The US has. in the past, expressed concerns satellite launches could help Iran develop ballistic missiles.


Russia completes first launch of new nuclear-capable ICBM

"Sarmat" has the longest operational range in the world, according to Russia, which will significantly increase the combat power of the country's strategic nuclear forces.

N.Korea may be preparing new nuclear tests to improve arsenal - US, allies

Analysts say that more testing could help North Korea reach its stated goals of making smaller nuclear warheads and improving their reliability.


South Korea sees imminent prospect of North ICBM test

Tensions on the Korean peninsula have been rising amid growing signs that Pyongyang could soon follow through on its threats to restart testing ICBMs, breaking a self-imposed 2017 moratorium.


N.Korea could resume ICBM, nuclear tests in 2022 - US intelligence report

The report says North Korean leader Kim Jong Un remained strongly committed to expanding his nuclear weapons arsenal and ballistic missile research and development.

A military vehicle carrying Iranian Zoobin smart bomb (L) and Sagheb missile under pictures of Iran'

Netanyahu: Unchecked Iran will target US, Europe with nuclear tipped ICBM

President elect Joe Biden is expected to attempt to rejoin the nuclear deal with Iran

Russia commissions Avangard hypersonic missile

Although it still remains unclear if the missile is ready for use or whether it is just in an advanced phase of field testing, its deployment by the ministry has led to concerns in the West.

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