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5777 – what a year that was

A look back on the year that was makes one think that it wasn't all bad news for Israel. In fact, it was a year full of uplifting developments.

British aid minister resigns over undisclosed meetings in Israel

After meeting Theresa May, the prime minister's office released Patel's resignation letter in which she apologized for causing "a distraction" from the work of government.

NEFESH B’NEFESH Tech Talk participants pose at last night’s event in Tel Aviv. From left: Moe Mernic

Nefesh B’Nefesh helps olim navigate the tech ecosystem of Start-up Nation

Tech Talks program focuses on innovation and employment opportunities.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo

Wine Therapy: A most ‘illuminating meal’

Sivan Ya’ari is providing solar panels to remote African villages, granting much-needed electricity and access to water using Israeli technology.

Chanah and Atida Walles attend dedication ceremony

Kosher travel and Israeli technology: A match made in heaven

"It was this Israeli technology that enabled us to affect the lives of hundreds and hundreds of people in this rural village in Malawi."

INNOVATION: AFRICA is an NGO with a mission to bring Israeli solar and water technologies to rural A

Hillel's Tech Corner: Israeli innovation makes an impact in Africa

Innovation: Africa is an NGO with a mission to bring Israeli solar and water technologies to rural African villages. Read that sentence again.

People of Ínnovation: Africa' install solar panels on the roof of Nyanza Primary School

Israeli solar power: A literal light unto the nations

Israeli nonprofit ‘Innovation: Africa’ is working on the ground in 147 African villages.

COVID-19: The situation in Africa is worse than it seems

Millions across Africa spend six hours each day collecting contaminated water. The lack of access to water and hygiene puts these communities at the greatest risk, if COVID-19 reaches their villages.


innovation:africa, Israeli innovations saving lives in Africa

Now solar energy has been brought to 104 African villages, and one million people have access to water.

The Karamoja region of Uganda, where Innovation: Africa was installing a solar water pumping system.

How Israel is bringing water and energy to Africa

Innovation:Africa, an American-Israeli organization, is one of the three winners of the 2019 InnoDip Award for innovative diplomacy.

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