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Boy wearing a kippa
Here’s what it’s like to grow up as a Jew in Iraq

“It was hard being Jewish because I felt like, if you’re Jewish, you don’t really have anywhere to belong to,” she said.

Nouri al-Maliki
Iraq’s former PM Maliki joins chorus against U.S.-Iran policy

Maliki was the leader of Iraq during a period of intense sectarianism, when pro-Iranian forces were largely seen as increasing their hold on Baghdad.

IRAQI JEWS in Israel protest their counterparts’ persecution under the Ba’ath regime. (Fritz Cohen)
Baghdad hangings: When Jews were snatched and accused of spying for Israel

Daoud Ghali Yadgar was only 21 years old when he was snatched and accused of spying for Israel.

Hebrew inscriptions on the wall, near the Great Mosque of al-Nuri. (Eddy van Wessel)
After ISIS, Mosul finally values its Jewish heritage

Since ISIS attacked the diversity of the Iraqi community, diversity is now valued far more consciously, and this trend’s most surprising consequence is related to the Iraqi Jews.

Karbala, Iraq
'I've been sentenced to death' - a farewell letter of an Iraqi Jew in 1969

Sami Halali and his family were able to flee Iraq to Israel in 1971. Sami explained that the family hid the letter in their house after they received it in Iraq, but read it only once because of the pain it caused.

Karbala, Iraq
Chronicler of Iraq’s Jewish history murdered in Karbala

Alaa Mashzoub was an Iraqi writer and intellectual. He was shot 13 times while riding his bicycle.

Miss Iraq meets Miss Israel... in Jerusalem

After a selfie forced her to flee Baghdad, Sarah Idan reunited with her Israeli counterpart in Jerusalem.

Emerging from the chaos of ISIS, Baghdad’s bad boy triumphs

Once thought a failed state, Iraq has emerged from the chaos of ISIS to hold successful elections.

Jews of Iraq
The 77th anniversary of the Farhud

For the sake of history and educating the future generations, a proper commemoration of the plight and the heritage of Jews from Arab countries should take place in Israel.

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