Executions are a sign of Iranian Regime's fear - Opinion

The Iranian Regime is executing people in a desperate attempt to maintain control.

German MP says EU has legal evidence to declare IRGC a terrorist entity

The EU declined to sanction the 125,000-strong IRGC without a court decision from an EU nation that declares it is engaged in terrorist activities.

Iran regime terrorist spy operations spread in Austria - intel report

Austria is a “spy paradise” for Iran, Russia, China and Turkey because of weak criminal penalties for espionage.

EU cannot brand IRGC as terror group before court ruling - Borrel

The European Parliament last week called on the EU to list the IRGC as a terrorist entry.


Iran is worried about EU targeting IRGC - analysis

Iran’s concerns are clear because it now knows that the IRGC could be targeted for sanctions not only by the US but also in Europe.

Iran's parliament to label European militaries as 'terror organizations'

"We are ready to reciprocate. But we ask the Westerners to think carefully so that the window of opportunity for diplomacy is not closed," said the Speaker of Iran's Islamic Council.

By Sam Halpern

Netanyahu: United front between US and Israel on Iran

Netanyahu spoke shortly after the visit of US National Security Advisor Sullivan to Jerusalem.

EU to sanction 37 Iranians, its parliament asks it to target IRGC

"We believe we should already start working on the fifth [sanctions package] to list IRGC as a terrorist organization," said one EU diplomat.


EU and West are waking up to Iranian IRGC's threats - analysis

In the last few years the European attitude toward Iran has shifted from particularly positive to quite negative.

Sullivan lands in Israel for Iran talks amid tension with new gov't

US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan visits Netanyahu to discuss Iran and the Israel-Palestine conflict

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