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An ancient Jewish curse to keep grave robbers away revealed on tomb

A convert to Judaism warned away tomb raiders by vowing to curse anybody who would dare to open his grave.

‘Archeology helps us interpret the Bible and vice versa’

Curatorial officer at Museum of the Bible: "Archeology is a puzzle."

Israel to move prison sitting atop earliest mosaic dedicated to Jesus

“This structure is interpreted as the oldest Christian prayer house in the world."

Intact early Bronze Age jug found by American tourist in Judean Desert

Caves have been excavated for decades in the area where Dead Sea Scrolls were found.

Ancient magical bowls discovered in Jerusalem home, says IAA

1,500-year-old ‘incantation bowls’ were among hundreds of items found, believed to be intended for the illegal antiquities trade.

Authorities believe looted Bar Kochba artifacts were Roman army spoils

Among the findings are typical Roman cult artifacts decorated with figures and pagan symbols, which prove that they were likely the original property of Roman soldiers.

Dozens of artifacts, some from Bar Kochba era, found by police, 3 arrested

While on duty, a team of detectives from the Lev HaBira police station noticed three people in a car who drew their suspicion, so they searched the vehicle.

Eight antiquity robbers in Israel search for gold, get caught in pit

According to a legend, some Ottoman treasures were buried in some sites in Southern Israel.

2,700-year-old biblical fortress in Jerusalem undergoes restoration

The citadel might have been part of a network of defensive structures to protect the capital at the time of the Kings of Judah.

First archaeological evidence for Crusader camp found in Israel

A team of Israeli archaeological researchers identified a Crusader encampment in the area of the Tzipori Springs in Galilee, the first time that a Crusader encampment was found in the field.

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