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A Nigerian woman and her children in Givon prison

Foreign children in Israeli jails: 'Mom, why are we here?'

Not just America: It is difficult to believe, but it is the reality in Israel in 2018 - children aged, 3, 5 and 7 sitting in prison like all other inmates.

Teklit Michael, 29, an asylum seeker from Eritrea, works in the kitchen of a restaurant in Tel Aviv

Lawmakers cut debt for employers of asylum-seekers

This arrangement only applies until the end of June, after which the previous arrangement will resume.

African migrants painted in white hold signs during a protest against the Israeli government's plan

State waffles before court on Uganda deportation deal

Representatives dodge questions as to whether there’s an agreement, admit 1,749 expelled there since 2015.

African asylum seekers line up to apply for a visa in Bnei Brak, Israel

Amsalem: Netanyahu may go back to UN agreement on migrants

Coalition chairman said the PM may go back to plan he canceled within 24 hours of its announcement, and that the proposal to probe the New Israel Fund is toothless.

The triumph of Passover values

The outcry from so many in civil society was across the political and religious spectrum.


NGO: State detained Sudanese of Darfur until mid-March despite pledge

A recent report also sheds light on the treatment of transgender migrants, who are often placed in isolation in violation of their rights.

African asylum seekers wait to apply for a visa in Bnei Brak, Israel

Despite High Court freeze, migrants fear nothing will stop deportations

African asylum-seeker: I am not a terrorist, don’t compare me to my father’s murderers

African migrants and Israelis protest deportations in Jerusalem

Several Israelis attending the protest said it was inhumane to send "the refugees back to the horrors they ran from."

African migrants take part in a protest against Israel's detention policy toward them

Gov't in recruiting drive ahead of mass African asylum seeker deportation

The civilian inspectors will exclusively work for two years to identify and expel approximately 38,000 Eritrean and Sudanese asylum seekers.

African refugees hold up placades during a demonstatration on the streets of Tel Aviv, Israel

El Al pilots beseech int'l counterparts to refuse to fly refugees to Africa

"We are witnessing an unprecedented wave of protest by citizens from all walks of life."

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