Israeli Palestinian Peace Process

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Anti-Israel Germany

A fair, feasible solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict - opinion

The ideal solution would be a secular democratic state of Jews and Palestinians with equal rights. But that is not on the table.


Palestinians warn PA against resuming peace talks with Israel

The warning came after reports emerged claiming the PA formed a negotiating team to deal with the Bennett-led government.

Gabi Ashkenazi should meet with Palestinian leaders in Ramallah - opinion

One key diplomatic issue has been conspicuously absent from Ashkenazi’s schedule and the MFA’s agenda – Israeli-Palestinian cooperation and peacebuilding.

‘The Human Factor’ looks at the Americans behind the Israel peace process

The series will definitely appeal to political junkies because, as these negotiators would likely admit, the devil is in the details.

5 reasons why Gaza war won’t lead to Israeli-Palestinian peace - analysis

Peace is so far from being attainable at this stage that Blinken’s efforts this week are unlikely to result in a formal IDF-Hamas ceasefire.

Biden's Israeli-Palestinian reset is premature, ill-advised - opinion

One wonders why this new US administration is so intent on coddling the Palestinians, without exacting the appropriate, necessary and obvious price for such coddling.


The PA rejects Clinton parameters 20 years later - opinion

It is time we face the truth.


Mistrust greatest obstacle to Israeli-Palestinian peace

Peace is considered a “romantic notion” that is simply not attainable at this time.

People vote in Jerusalem on election day, March 2, 2020.

Israeli, Palestinian elections chance for peacemaking - opinion

It seems that Israeli and Palestinian politicians do not consider at all how their own words and actions negatively impact on the other side of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Amid Arab normalization, Israel should make peace with Palestinians

Ending the occupation and resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are firmly in Israel’s national self-interest.

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