Israeli Palestinian Peace Process

  Palestinian Authority and Israeli flags (illustrative)

Palestinians: Without practical measures, two-state solution won’t work

The Lapid government’s actions show that it is working to sabotage the two-state solution, a senior PA official told the Post.

Brutally assessing Camp David II

Prophets Without Honor delivers a brutally candid assessment of the principal negotiators at Camp David.


My Word: Beilin’s throwback vision

The Holy Land Confederation would turn into an unholy mess. Sparks would fly rather than doves of peace. Forget the flying pigs.

Israeli-Palestinian confederation plan to be presented to UN, US by Beilin

Former justice minister Yossi Beilin's plan for an Israeli-Palestinian confederation, allowing for settlements, is headed to the UN and US.

Israeli-Palestinian peace? Mothers march in Jerusalem

The women formed a human chain along the walls of Jerusalem before assembling for a rally, calling on Israeli and Palestinian leaders to work towards a peace agreement.

On This Day: Israel, Palestinians sign Oslo I Accord

The signing of the Oslo Accords was a historic moment that is seen by many as the closest to solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but is ultimately remembered as a failiure.


How can Israel, Palestine return to a two-state solution? - opinion

As long as the leaders continue to speak about separation, I will not believe that their real intention is peace. Peace begins with engagement, not disengagement.

Anti-Israel Germany

A fair, feasible solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict - opinion

The ideal solution would be a secular democratic state of Jews and Palestinians with equal rights. But that is not on the table.


Palestinians warn PA against resuming peace talks with Israel

The warning came after reports emerged claiming the PA formed a negotiating team to deal with the Bennett-led government.

Gabi Ashkenazi should meet with Palestinian leaders in Ramallah - opinion

One key diplomatic issue has been conspicuously absent from Ashkenazi’s schedule and the MFA’s agenda – Israeli-Palestinian cooperation and peacebuilding.

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