Jesus Christ

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Amateur UK archaeologist: Holy Grail in secret crypt in West London river

Finding the Holy Grail is the Holy Grail of archaeological finds.


Will the Biblical Star of Bethlehem appear in the sky ahead of Christmas?

On December 21, our solar system's two biggest planets will come within close proximity of one another, in what is known as a great conjunction.

Special Mass in Church of All Nations on Sunday following arson attack on Friday. Latin Patriarch Pi

US govt ‘strongly condemns’ arson attack on Church of All Nations

The embassy said that protection of religious minorities was critical, but praised Israel for the arrest of the individual believed to be responsible for the incident.

Prof. hopes report on Jesus's home will focus attention on cave churches

The phenomenon of cave churches and how they influenced later Christian worship and architecture is just beginning to be studied seriously and in depth.

Have archaeologists found Jesus's childhood home in Nazareth?

This spot was first suggested as the home of Jesus and his family in the 19th century.

Jesus Christ

Israel's State Twitter knocks tweet calling Jesus 'Palestinian'

'God:Jesus was a Palestinian. Jesus: Hey Dad, remember when you gave that speech about Jewish values at my Bar Mitzvah?'

INSIDE THE Cathedral of St. James, a 12th-century Armenian church in Jerusalem’s Armenian Quarter.

When is Christmas in Israel?

Depending on whom it is you ask, Christmas in Israel is celebrated on a number of different days.

Playboy bunny statue illustrative photo.

Al-Jazeera claims Jews created, control porn industry, hate Jesus Christ

Midan Voice explained that whenever someone tried to present "the facts about the role of the Jews in porn," they were shut down with antisemitism as the excuse.

Linda Sarsour

Linda Sarsour’s ‘Jesus was Palestinian’ comment ignores Jewish history

Sarsour’s attempt to embrace a Palestinian nationalist Jesus is part of a larger milieu of cultural appropriation of the history of Jesus.

Why is the Last Supper on a different night than all other Seder nights?

The tie between Passover and Easter dates back to the Last Supper, when Jesus had a Passover Seder soon before his crucifixion. This happened on what is now Maundy Thursday, three days before Easter.

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