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KOSHER INSPECTOR Aaron Wulkan examines meat to ensure that the food is stored and prepared.

EU court decision: Happy cows higher priority than happy Jews - analysis

It is not as if kosher meat is banned in Flanders of Wallonia, just that the ritual slaughter of the cows there is forbidden. This means if you want to eat kosher meat, it will have to be imported, something that will significantly increase the price.

High Court of Justice prepares for hearing on whether Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu can form the

Women are allowed to receive rabbinic accreditation, High Court rules

Mainstream Orthodox Judaism does not yet recognize women as rabbis, there is no reason that women cannot take the tests that are otherwise given to men studying to become rabbis.

Chief Rabbi: COVID-19 patients can't fast on Tisha B'Av, shorten prayer

"To our sorrow, the plague is intensifying and we need heavenly mercy," wrote Lau.

A Shabbat service featuring members of the Madrid and Barcelona Reform communities.

Conservative movement allows livestreaming on Shabbat, holidays amid virus

Noting the “unprecedented time” brought on by the virus, the movement’s Jewish law authorities voted Wednesday to allow livestreaming with a number of caveats.

 Special Rabbinical Court convenes on Sunday

Chief Rabbinate must disclose communications with RCA over testimonials

Controversy has long surrounded the way the Chief Rabbinate decides which Orthodox rabbis abroad it recognizes to give such testimony and it has still never provided clear criteria for this process.

Yad La’Isha marks record-breaking number of resolved ‘aguna’ cases

The 'agunah problem' is an ongoing Jewish legal (halachic) issue in which women wishing to get a divorce require the consent of their husbands, who may refuse.

Law Firm to Create Immense Job Opportunities after Building Acquisition In Northenden

Recent news sources say that a Northenden based law firm has brought a 3000 square feet building as a part of its ambitious expansion program.


Ask the Rabbi: What’s cooking?

KASHRUT STANDARDS in the IDF have greatly improved over the years, and we should be thankful for this.

get refusal

Get refusal

‘Chained’ spouses and the partners who won’t grant a divorce

Thai workers collect freshly harvested fennel near Kibbutz Alumim in southern Israe

How a religious farmer became a promoter of assisted suicide in Israel

Hundreds of people make use of the services of assisted suicide agencies like Dignitas and Exit each year in Switzerland. But the decision can be particularly difficult for Jews.

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