jewish state

What exactly is a Jewish state? - opinion

The Likud, Religious Zionists, Shas and United Torah Judaism are trying to form a coalition to lead the Jewish state, but Jewish state is subjective.

Will Netanyahu be leading the coalition or will the coalition be leading Netanyahu? - opinion

Israel is in the limelight for both being Jewish and being a Jewish democracy, as defined in its Declaration of Independence.


Israel isn't the Start-Up Nation. It's the Jewish state - opinion

Israel did not fight its many wars out of allegiance to the microchip. Judaism is the basis for the past, present and future Jewish state.

Smotrich, Ben-Gvir are damaging Israel’s Jewish character - opinion

If Bezalel Smotrich and Itamar Ben-Gvir become ministers, this could seriously damage support for Israel in America – maybe permanently.

Israel is the land of miracles, compromises and status quo

Israeli society used to rely on compromises and the status quo, however in today's media reality, the idea of winners and losers is being promoted over the idea of peaceful compromises.

By Yehuda Lave

Israel in search of identity: A Jewish state or a state of its citizens? -opinion

The Basic Law: Israel as the Nation-State of the Jewish People (2018) was a political response by the Likud government led by former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.


Israel is the world's worst country - except for all the others - opinion

Israel has stopped the Western clock that was ticking during the 1950’s. We continue to embody the key values that drove an optimistic post-WWII West, particularly in the United States.

Passover: Hametz on IDF bases is a threat to Jewish Israel - opinion

If the Supreme Court cannot be counted on to defend the Jewish character of Israel, it will put itself into firm opposition with their own citizenry.

Hametz is covered at a store in Israel

The hametz conflict requires common sense, not theocracy - editorial

While Israel is a Jewish state, it is not a theocracy, meaning the state cannot force its citizens to follow Jewish law.

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