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Jewish Voice for Peace's anti-Israel activity sinks to new low - opinion

This month, JVP endorsed violence, engaged in Holocaust exploitation that clearly is antisemitic according to the IHRA definition, and celebrated terrorism against Jews.

200 US Jewish students leaders call for censure of ZOA for alleged racism

According to the letter, Zionist Organization of America head Mort Klein is alleged to have engaged in “a pattern of racist and Islamophobic behavior."

Get ready for the new wave: Young, passionately Jewish — and anti-Zionist

Emerging from the anti-Zionist camp is a new wave of Jewish leftists who are taking a different approach.

Anti-Israel Germany

‘Post’ exposé leads to closure of BDS group’s bank account in Germany

Iris Hefets, spokeswoman for Jewish Voice, confirmed that the bank pulled the plug on the group’s account because Jewish Voice refused to stop promoting the BDS campaign against Israel.

DO THEY need outreach? A pro-Israel rally in New York in 2014.

Jewish students stop antisemitic cartoons on campus

Diverse students unite to fight Judeophobic imagery posted in dormitories for 'Palestine Awareness Week.'

EXCLUSIVE: PayPal shuts German NGO account with links to Palestinian terrorists

PayPal also closed the accounts of five pro-BDS organizations in France since January.

Simone Zimmerman, a co-founder of If Not Now,

33. Simone Zimmerman

Anti-Israel activist plays coy about BDS

Executive director of JVP Rebecca Vilkomerson.

Column One: Time to cut JVP down to size

JVP is punching above its weight because the Jewish communal leadership is punching beneath its weight. It is time to correct this imbalance.

Cynthia Nixon’s bid for NY governor sets up a clash over Israel

“There will be a split between the more pro-Israel Jews and those on the left — and there are more pro-Israel Jews than not."

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