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Amirey Hagalil: Boutique luxury with a killer view

The views of the Kinneret are gorgeous and there are inviting seating areas scattered around the grounds of the hotel as well as inside.


Entering the Promised Land: A visit to the Jordan River

Prior to Passover before the corona pandemic, I went on a special field trip organized by the Government Press Office to the Jordan River and Jericho, and we could hardly wait to sign up!


Earliest evidence of fly-fishing unearthed on Jordan River

A new study by Tel-Hai College and international archaeologists showed that ancient fishermen in Israel employed incredibly sophisticated technology.

People enjoy and bath in the Sea of Galilee (Kinneret) next to the city of Tiberias on June 23, 2015

Is the Sea of Galilee's recent water level rise dangerous?

While rising water levels is monumental, Israel turns to desalination as its source for drinking water, and the lake’s water quality has taken the forefront of environmental concerns.

Mine-free River Jordan shrine ends 50 year wait for Epiphany

Israeli de-mining efforts began in 2018 and included support from the Halo Trust, a Scottish-based mine clearance group.

Kayaking on the Jordan River with Abu-Kayak

Israeli kayakists take advantage of coronavirus lockdown to clean river

The three used kayaks and diving suits from their work to remove hundreds of glass and plastic bottles from the stream, in addition to plastic bags, chairs, speakers and even tables.

Meet the people who fished on the Jordan River 20,000 years ago

A crucial aspect that characterizes Dureijat is that it was used for such a long time, albeit not in a continuous way

An Arab Palestinian homeland - The Jordanian option

Defining Arab Palestinian nationalism prior to Israel’s establishment in 1948 would have been difficult, since the term “Palestinian” generally referred to Jews.

20,000 pilgrims flock to Jesus’s baptismal site on Jordan River (January 2020)

20,000 pilgrims flock to Jesus’ baptismal site on Jordan River

Qasr al-Yahud (“the Castle of the Jews”) is located in the West Bank about 40 km. east of Jerusalem, on the border with Jordan. It is one of the holiest sites in the Christian world.

Lecrae performing at the Phoenix Concert Theatre on December 3, 2017.

U.S. Christian hip hop artist Lecrae baptized in Jordan River

“Can’t be baptized in the Jordan River and make the same old music. This new album is gonna be special.”

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