Judicial Reform

Leaders of protest against judicial reform call for general strike on Monday

The first vote on the government's judicial reform bill is set to take place on Monday.

Compromise is needed to advance judicial reforms - editorial

The outright rejection by Netanyahu’s coalition signifies that their lofty claims of acting for the will of the people are hollow and a flimsy facade for their real interest.

Israeli judicial reform can help with counterterrorism - opinion

Nowhere is clarity and consistency more critical than in counterterrorism. While it may be argued that terrorists have human rights, their victims and potential victims have such rights, too.


Where do we go from here? - opinion

Because Israel is made up of so many ethnic, religious and national groups that hold so many ideologies, beliefs and traditions, compromise has always been the only way to maintain social calm.

Will Israel stay a parliamentary democracy or become a dictatorship? - opinion

If an incumbent majority in an elected legislature that forms the government has absolute power to make any changes to the law it wants, it becomes a parliamentary dictatorship.


Israel's Right lied about the court, lust for despotic rule - opinion

Israel's legal system has managed to preserve our right to not be arrested in the middle of the night by an elected dictatorship’s political militia.


Israel's hi-tech success threatened by storm of internal conflict - opinion

If we don’t prepare for the perfect storm that might be heading our way and if the ship’s crew continues to fight each other, Israel’s tech miracle can be over in less than 30 months


Cyber company Wiz to withdraw funds from Israel - report

Wiz is a cloud security startup founded by Israeli Assaf Rappaport and headquartered in New York City. 

Yariv Levin, like Menachem Begin, can stop a Jewish civil war in Israel - analysis

Like his literal godfather Menachem Begin, Yariv Levin has the power to defuse a combustible situation that could conceivably lead to internecine violence in Israel.

HSBC and Barclay's buildings are lit up at dusk in the Canary Wharf financial district of London

HSBC predicts Israeli shekel will suffer if judicial reform passes - report

HSBC made it clear, according to N12, that the shekel is expected to get stronger but that legal reform could stifle this growth.

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