Lebanese politicians warn of 'sedition' amid judicial crisis

Lebanon's chief prosecutor has charged the judicial investigator of the Beirut Port blast case with "rebelling against the judiciary."


Israel's judicial reforms weaken democracy - opinion

The time has arrived to devote some months to drafting and adopting a written constitution, which is the only democratic way for Israel to reform.


State attorneys threaten labor strike over judicial reform

The Black Robes Protest group, itself comprised of private attorneys, came out in support of the State Attorney organization's announcement.

Israel's justice minister, chief justice need to talk judicial reforms - opinion

If I could, I would ask Justice Minister Yariv Levin and Supreme Court President Esther Hayut to sit together in the same room and talk.


Israel judicial reforms: Who are the Black Robes, what is their goal? -interview

The Black Robes were founded in 2019 to protest the first proposal of an Israeli Override Clause. Now they're back to protest Yariv Levin's judicial reforms.

Israeli hi-tech strike in protest of judicial reform set for Tuesday

Over one hundred companies in the Israeli hi-tech sector are expected to join a one-hour warning strike in protest of the government's judicial reform.

Israel, it's time for a grand bargain on judicial reforms - opinion

The Israeli Supreme Court has arrogated to itself all of the powers of the US Supreme Court with none of the corresponding limitations, restrictions or burdens.

Israel shouldn't say goodbye to Arye Deri: He isn't done yet

INSIDE POLITICS: Netanyahu associate: “Anyone who thinks Deri can be extracted from the government... is mistaken. That is the difference between de jure and de facto.” 

Israel's High Court of Justice

Israel's judiciary keeps the Jewish state democratic - editorial

The Arye Deri ruling demonstrates that Israel’s system of checks and balances has worked to exemplary effect, and it should be a source of pride for all Israelis.

My Word: Legal reform, trial and errors

Demonstrators took to the streets – and more seriously, tried to block main highways – with declarations that the reform was a “coup d’état.” Is this as dangerous as the reforms?

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