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Deja vu: Will the Flug farce be repeated?

Bank of Israel head Karmit Flug may be awarded a second term - once again by default.

Karnit Flug at her office on February 3, 2015

Bank of Israel introduces banking ‘ID cards’ to boost competition

Bank of Israel introduces banking ‘ID cards’ to boost competition.

Karnit Flug

Flug: Despite faults, gas outline is best chance to develop Israel's reservoirs

Former antitrust commissioner: Monopoly may be overpowering policymakers

Karnit Flug and Reuven Rivlin

Flug lays out her guideline for next gov’t to lower cost of living

Rivlin calls on the Knesset and the incoming government to formulate and pass the budget as quickly as possible.


Exporters request gov't help over weak Euro

There are few policy tools left available to the Bank of Israel at a time when so many other countries are conducting aggressively expansionist monetary policy.

Karnit Flug

Bank of Israel lowers interest rate to record .1%

Although the shekel is far weaker than it was last summer, having depreciated 10.4 percent between August and December against a basket of currencies, it has appreciated 7.6% since December.

Karnit Flug at her office on February 3, 2015

Karnit Flug, the woman in charge

In one of her first newspaper interviews since taking office, BoI Governor Flug discusses the economy, explains why being a woman has never been an issue for her in this male-dominated field.

Bank of Israel

Bank of Israel supervisor Zaken to step down in June

New rules limiting banking fees go into effect on Sunday.

A baby

Grapevine: Tel Aviv baby boom

Tel Aviv City Council member Karnit Goldwasser gave birth to a girl at Ichilov Hospital.

Karnit Flug

Flug hints interest rates may drop

For the past two months, BoI has put the interest rate at .25%, the lowest it’s ever been, in order to battle sluggish inflation, weaken the shekel, and give the moderating economy a shot in the arm.

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