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kidney operation

Kidneyversary: Celebrating the end of a year of lockdown with a transplant

I call it miraculous that, after two years of waiting, including a year of painful dialysis, I finally got a kidney – after my original donor was rejected shortly before surgery was scheduled.


The gift of life

Anyone in need of a kidney usually receives it through the Gift of Life organization.

kidney operation

New Israeli kidney donations record

Twelve patients in some 24 operating rooms in various hospitals across the country, received their new kidneys owning to an effort made by Matnat Chaim.

kidney operation

'Gift of Life' founder Rabbi Haber hospitalized with coronavirus

The Jerusalem rabbi has, over the past decade, become a leading proponent of living kidney donations, people who donate one of their kidneys to a stranger suffering from kidney disease and failure.

One man's story of receiving a new kidney and a new life

In this wild time of coronavirus, Chaim still managed to receive a "new used" kidney.

Elderly people queue up for free surgical masks from a convenience store, following the outbreak of

Deadly ageism in Israel – opinion

As of January there were 857 people waiting in Israel for a kidney. I am one of them

kidney operation

A live kidney is highest form of charity

For years, living kidney donors were common among relatives and friends, but what Matnat Chaim in Israel and other organizations are encouraging is the donation of a live kidney to strangers.

Israeli lawmaker donates kidney to a stranger

The transplant was arranged through Matnat Chaim, a nonprofit organization based in Jerusalem that works to encourage kidney donations.

Israel police car (Illustrative)

Police bring Orthodox man to hospital on Shabbat for kidney transplant

"Shabbat Shalom, sir, we are happy to inform you that a kidney is waiting for you to be transplanted in the hospital and you have to arrive in the operating room within an hour," said the officers.

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