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On This Day: Achille Lauro hijacking, resulting in Klinghoffer murder

The ordeal lasted two days and ended in one casualty — the murder of a 69-year-old wheelchair-bound Jewish-American man.

By Sara Sharf

US vessel intercepted by IRGC speedboats in Persian Gulf - report

A spokesman for the US Navy said that he was unaware of any unsafe interaction with Iran in the last two days.

Jewish Marine went viral for cradling baby makes kids happy at a JCC

The photo was of Matt Jaffe, a 27-year-old sergeant, cradling a baby in Afghanistan on Aug. 20. The soldier’s smile, and the story behind the photo, helped make it go viral.

BEAUTY AND archaeology: Apollonia National Park in Herzliya.

Early humans from 100,000 years ago collected crystals, eggshells

The ostrich shells found in the study were certainly collected, but they were common to the area, leading the researchers to believe that they were the remains of water containers.

A gray whale seen off the coast of Israel

Sperm whale spotted off Israeli coast in rare sighting - watch

Steps are being taken to ensure that the whale was not harmed by the oil spill that brought tar to Israel's shores.

IAI introduces a new electro-optical long-range and high image resolution surveillance system

IAI introduces new electro-optical high resolution surveillance system

The company explained that the system features an exceptionally long range of surveillance augmented by multispectral capabilities.


Israeli AI company announces partnership with major shipping companies

This integration of Windward's AI by large companies will establish new industry standards, said Windward.

Israeli Aerospace Industries' Heron UAV to fly for EU

The estimated scope of the deal is tens of millions of dollars, and it is another expression of confidence in the capabilities of the marine Heron UAV.

'Environmentally friendly' dishes damage marine environment - study

"While you may be calming your conscience, you're still liable to be polluting the environment," said Prof. Shenkar on the use of bioplastic dishes.

Comptroller report says port construction is detrimental to environment

The Environmental Protection Agency suggested that the best thing would be to increase the supply output from the already-existing ports in the country.

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