UAE launches rover to moon while eying more investment in space

The Arab world’s first lunar mission is set to explore likely payoffs of further space exploration.

By Omnia Al Desoukie/ The Media Line

Mars Perseverance rover finds organic molecules that could indicate life

New findings could indicate an environment hospitable for life was once on the Red Planet, but more research is needed.


NASA aims to send astronauts to live, work on moon by 2030

NASA launched its Artemis I mission from Cape Canaveral in Florida on Wednesday, following a series of delays.

South Africa's new ground station to help NASA track space flights

Close to key communication and transport infrastructure, the remote site was chosen due to its geographic location with clear skies and low radio interference.


Is there life on Mars? Conan the Barbarian bacteria suggests maybe - study

The discovery that Conan the Bacterium could have survived Mars-like conditions suggests that bacteria native to the Red Planet might have developed the capacity to do the same.

There used to be rivers on Mars - here is how we know

Mars' dried up oceans and water sources are a productive place to start in the search for life on the red planet. 

Martian meteorite impacts reveal new information about the red planet

The new data gathered from Mars's interior provides clues on how the planet formed, and how it has changed over the millenia.

Liquid water may have just been discovered on Mars

New evidence suggests that there is liquid water beneath Mars' south polar ice cap, which is kept in a liquid state by geothermal heating.


What does a meteor impact on Mars sound like? - NASA study

NASA's Mars seismometer has detected vibrations from four separate impacts over the last two years, now we can listen to them.

Rovers may have limited ability to detect biomolecules on Mars' surface -study

Scientists exposed seven biomolecules for about 15 months to a simulated environment similar to Mars outside of the International Space Station.

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